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―{{{2}}}{{#if:|[ [src]]|}}

[edit] About

This template is a modified version of the {{Quoteurl}} template. It is used to present the quote of the day on the wiki Main Page.

[edit] Usage instructions


[edit] Notes

  • This is for quotes whose source is a URL, to keep the source tag from breaking.
  • If any text is assigned to the source field, it will be rendered as a browser tooltip.

[edit] Example

[edit] Code

{{Quoteurl2|Here is where we can have a long quote.|[[wikipedia:Elias Briggs|Elias Briggs]] in an interview|url=http://www.springfieldbeacon.com}}

[edit] Result

"Here is where we can have a long quote."
Elias Briggs in an interview{{#if:http://www.springfieldbeacon.com|[src]|}}

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[edit] Note

As a heavily used, high-visibility template, this template is protected from editing by anonymous or newly registered users.

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